“I realized how much I was missing in conversations, around the bridge table and Sunday school class. I was frequently saying “huh” or “what did they say?”. I was very impressed with the professionalism of my audiologist, Mary. She explained the different types of hearing devices and let me decide which style I wanted while not being pushy. There were follow-up visits to make sure my hearing aids were comfortable and that I was receiving the most from this investment. Now I can hear! My wife loves them and thinks it is the best money we spent last year. I brag about Widex all the time and take them out and show them off to friends. I tell them to go see Mary!”
Lloyd M. age 66 Dallas, TX

“It has now been two years since I was originally fitted with my hearing aids, and I have been very pleased with the results. I have heard many of my friends complain about their hearing aids for various reasons; however, I have no complaints about my hearing aids and I actually enjoy wearing them because they enable me to hear better and to participate in conversations during social occasions and professional occasions. I am very pleased with my entire experience at North Texas Hearing Consultants and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.”
Donald S. age 77 Dallas, TX

"Margot was extremely pleasant, patient and thorough. A very professional young woman. She explained the testing procedure and the hearing aid procedure to come. Margot pulled up the past testing and reviewed it in detail with us. She reviewed the insurance options and the hearing aid options available. She answered all of our questions and encouraged us to feel free to contact her at any time. We found Margot to be very knowledgeable and good at relating to us and what might be our concerns. She has continued to be warm, caring, patient and always very thorough. Keith is enjoying his hearing aid solution and we look forward to continuing a positive relationship with Margot as our Audiologist."
Keith R., age 80 Dallas, TX

“I initially wanted to have my old hearing aids repaired, but then learned about digital hearing aids. Background noises are not there now and hearing is much more “normal”. The fit is so good that I'm not aware of having the aids in my ears. Many people don't realize that I'm wearing or even need hearing aids. The aids are self-adjusting – another big plus as I was always having to turn my old ones up or down to get the right sound. My expectations have been met and even exceeded. I'm very grateful to NTHC.”
Ruth L. age 82 Frisco, TX

“Over time my hearing had diminished such that I was having trouble hearing my wife and granddaughter clearly. I am also in a County Western band and was having trouble hearing the harmony while singing in a quartet. I can now hear conversations well and discern the words better than before. I was impressed by the way my brain adapted to the new sounds. I applaud the audiologists who guided me through the adaptation experience.”
Wendell H. age 73 Dallas, TX

“Even though I had been fitted with in-the-ear hearing aids some time ago, the devices had grown increasingly difficult to insert, did not improve my hearing and were uncomfortable to wear. Admittedly, I was somewhat negative about hearing devices after my earlier experience. However, after my first visit to your office I felt a measure of hope that my hearing could be improved. I left the office looking forward to my next visit when the devices would be ready. My hearing and comfort is vastly improved and well worth the effort it takes to “learn” to wear the aids. I commend your staff for the follow up visits. No visits were offered or encouraged with my first hearing aids but I know now that these visits are very important. I appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of the staff and would recommend all of you to anyone needing assistance to improve hearing.”
Joyce K. age 79 Dallas, TX

“I experienced noticeable difficulty hearing some voices in conversations and I was worried I was missing important things in business meetings. I was frustrated! I had a complete hearing test, evaluation and consultation and decided to pursue Widex hearing aids. The entire experience was professional, straightforward and comfortable. I have total confidence that the information and options were presented to me honestly and directly. Everything was thoroughly explained and the follow-up continues to be excellent as well. I am very impressed with the entire experience I have had with North Texas Hearing Consultants and would highly recommend them to anyone with hearing issues.”
Jonathan H. age 57 Dallas, TX

“I am now on the second set of hearing aids fitted by the personnel at North Texas Hearing Consultants, and have found the audiologists to be professional, knowledgeable and delightful to work with. I know that I can depend upon them to recommend products and services that will accommodate my lifestyle as well as my finances. I was recently fitted with Oticon hearing aids with the Streamer and ConnectLine TV accessories…. My expectations have not only been met, they have been exceeded!”
Carolyn W. age 65 Carrollton, TX

“I purchased two Widex Mind 440 behind-the-ear (hearing aids). My hearing has returned with assistance and much to my audiologist’s credit. I have hearing needs ranging from a large church choir, attending the symphony, meeting with business clients and other varying venues. With almost weekly, short meetings, we have fine-tuned the devices. It has allowed me almost 90% return of hearing capabilities. Remarkable!
Francis S. age 74 Dallas, TX

“Amy at North Texas Hearing Consultants made me feel comfortable that I had chosen a very good Hearing Consultant Group. After she had answered all of my questions regarding the results of the hearing testing completed, she made me aware of all the different options that were available and the cost of each. She did a very good job of designing the right system for me and then when they arrived she tested the hearing aids thoroughly, making sure they were correctly performing after they are put in use. The performance of my hearing aids is much better than I expected. I highly recommend Amy for the service and assistance that she has and continues to provide. She is never “pushy” and always convinces me that her number one priority is to provide me with the best service and hearing aids possible.”
Kenneth T. age 78 Plano, TX

“After a hearing test and consultation with Mary Gamble, who was highly recommended by a dear friend, I chose to buy my Widex Inteo Hearing Aid. I am pleased with the product and the excellent services. My life has improved as I now enjoy crowds, conversation, TV and especially my family. My circumstances have changed for the benefit of all and my expectations have been met above what I dared to expect.”
K.J. Age 73 Dallas, TX

“A big advantage one has by going to Mary is that she knows the attributes of all brands of hearing aids and recommends that ones that fit your situation regardless of brand name. She is not a captive of one exclusive manufacturer. I have had hearing aids Mary recommended for almost a year and have had some follow up visits that make sure things are correct and accomplish a little fine tuning. I hear very well for an 82 year old man with these aids. Thanks to this team I hear well enough to perform as a Richardson City Councilman.”
Bob M. age 82 Richardson, TX

“Our hearing aids are so comfortable we forget we’re wearing them. They have reduced stress because we can hear so much better and they are almost invisible. People are surprised when they learn we use hearing aids because they don’t notice them. The staff has always been helpful and available when we go to the office for an appointment, we are seen quickly. We have recommended them to our friends, family and clients.”
Dr. Kay B. age 69 Plano, TX
Dr. Douglas B. age 69 Plano, TX

“Many years ago, when my children were in grade school, I had a hearing exam. The audiologist told me that my hearing loss was so profound that there was no hearing aid that could help me. However, after a few years, I began to be distressed about my hearing because I could not understand conversations at dinner parties or other large gatherings. I was beginning to avoid going out. What was the use, when you could not take part? When Dr. Bates told me that my hearing could now be helped with a modern hearing aid, I began to work with an audiologist. I found that even my “bad” ear seemed to hear better with the Oticon unit, so since that time I have worn hearing aids in both ears. Over the years, I have had regular hearing tests in order for Mary to adjust my units for maximum effect. A couple of years ago, she mentioned that technology had advanced and the new devices would better screen out background noise. Also, newer technology might possibly give me the ability to hear birdsong once again. Since my husband and I spend much time outside and are minor bird watchers, I was thrilled to discover that my new hearing aids do actually allow me to hear birdsongs! It would be wonderful to be able to hear perfectly. However, since that will never happen, I appreciate the work that Mary does to make my hearing as good as possible.”
Marilyn T. age 69 Dallas, TX


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