At North Texas Hearing Consultants, we routinely perform comprehensive evaluation to determine the hearing ability of our patients. All testing is performed by a certified audiologist on equipment that has been meticulously maintained. First we ensure that the ear canals are free from occluding earwax and perform middle ear function testing. Small foam inserts are placed in the ear canal and sounds of varying loudness (intensity) and pitch (tone) are presented. The patient responds either verbally, with a raise of their hand or with a press of a button when a sound is heard. Numerous presentations are given to determine the level at which the sound can just barely be heard for each pitch in each ear. Next, speech testing is completed to determine the ability to understand words that are presented via CD. Finally, bone conduction testing is completed to determine whether a sensori-neural, conductive or mixed. The results of the hearing test will be explained and any questions answered.

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