North Texas Hearing Consultants strives to provide you with the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs. Acquiring a hearing loss or worrying about the ability to communicate effectively can be a stressful time in one's life. We want to make sure that diagnosing your hearing loss and pursuing solutions is NOT a stressful experience.

Our audiologists work closely with the Otolaryngologists at SouthWest ENT. Here, you can get all of your hearing care needs professionally treated, all under one roof. If the audiologist encounters an unexpected difficulty or if you need a medical consultation there is an excellent ENT right there to help you.

At North Texas Hearing Consultants, we also take great pride in assisting those who do not have a hearing loss. We create custom molds for water activities and love working with local musicians to provide in-the-ear monitors or hearing protection. Many hunters in Texas and the surrounding area are protecting their hearing with our custom hunter's plugs.

Whatever your hearing needs, we can meet them and surpass your expectations at North Texas Hearing Consultants. We're here to help people live the life they want with the hearing they have. Please see our Services page for more information.

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